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Stainless Steel Cutlery Set 4pc

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Enhance your dining table with the SQ Professional Stainless Steel Cutlery Set. Elevate every meal to a fine dining experience and enjoy the enduring elegance and quality of this exceptional cutlery. Whether you're enjoying a hearty main course or indulging in a sweet treat, you'll have the right utensil at your fingertips.

DESIGN: The sleek, minimalist design adds a touch of timeless elegance to any dining occasion, whether it's a casual family meal or an upscale dinner party.

MATERIAL: SQ Professional cutlery set is made from premium stainless steel, renowned for its corrosion resistance and long-lasting performance. Each piece is expertly crafted to withstand the test of time, ensuring you'll enjoy its beauty and functionality for years to come.


Table Fork, Table Spoon, Table Knife, Tea Spoon, Dessert Fork, Latte Spoon.

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Table Fork:
Fork x 4 - W 2.3cm x L 18.5cm
Approx. Net Weight: 0.12kg
Material: Stainless Steel

Table Spoon:
Spoon x 4 - W 3.7cm x L 18.5cm
Approx. Net Weight: 0.146kg
Material: Stainless Steel

Table Knife:
Knife x 4 - W 2.0cm x L 23.0cm
Approx. Net Weight: 0.224kg
Material: Stainless Steel

Tea Spoon:
Spoon x 4 - W 3.1cm x L 14cm
Approx. Net Weight: 0.089kg
Material: Stainless Steel

Dessert Fork:
Fork x 4 - W 3.1cm x L 14cm
Approx. Net Weight: 0.076kg
Material: Stainless Steel

Latte Spoon:
Spoon x 4 - W 2.6cm x L 19.0cm
Approx. Net Weight: 0.09kg
Material: Stainless Steel

Care Instructions

EASY MAINTENANCE: Cleaning up after your meal is a breeze. The stainless steel construction ensures easy maintenance, as it's resistant to tarnish and stains. Simply rinse the cutlery or place it in the dishwasher for a hassle-free cleanup.

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