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Ultimate Carbon Steel

SQ Professional Ultimate Carbon Steel Frying Pan

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Enjoy the superb culinary performance with the SQ Professional Ultimate Carbon Steel 24cm Frying Pan. This seasoned carbon steel frying pan is the ideal utensil for creating mouth-watering stir-fries that are sure to delight the tastebuds of all the family.

MANUFACTURE: Forged from high-quality premium carbon steel, this robust non stick pan has been designed for durability and outstanding cooking results. This SQ Professional cookware product distributes heat evenly to ensure food is cooked efficiently and thoroughly, even at high temperatures. The ergonomic long handle is heat resistant, providing comfort and security while in use.

NON STICK: The non stick coating is the ideal surface for preparing healthy meals with little or no fat or oil while preventing food from sticking or burning even when it is being cooked quickly at high temperatures. Once your meal has been served, the carbon steel frying pan can be washed easily and effortlessly.

USE: Suitable for most hob types, including induction. It is not suitable for oven use.



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Ø 24.0cm x W 43.0cmx H 4.0cm / 1.3L
Approx. Net Weight: 0.7kg
Material: Carbon Steel

Care Instructions

CLEANING: The frying pan should be hand washed only. It is not dishwasher safe – placing it in the dishwasher will damage the non stick coating.