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Ultimate Carbon Steel

SQ Professional Ultimate Carbon Steel Cookware Set 4pc

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Fat-free, healthy cooking and superb results are at the heart of the SQ Professional Ultimate Carbon Steel Cookware Set.

ABOUT THIS SET: This 7pc cookware set comprises a large 24cm frying pan, an 18cm saucepan, a 20cm stockpot and a 24cm stockpot. Each item is fitted with a glass lid, with the exception of the 24cm no-lid frying pan.

CONSTRUCTION: A premium-grade carbon steel body has been combined with a non stick coating to create tough and durable cookware that distributes heat evenly throughout each pan, from the base to the rim. Long handles provide protection and comfort during cooking, while each pan handle has an integrated hanging loop for simple storage.

INDUCTION FRIENDLY: Suitable for most types of hob, including induction.


18cm, 20cm, 24cm, 24cm.

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Stockpot: Ø 24.0cm x W 22.0cm x H 10.5cm / 4.7L
Stockpot: Ø 20.0cm x W 18.0cm x H 9.5cm / 2.7L
Saucepan: Ø 18.0cm x W 16.0cm x H 9.0cm / 2.2L
Frying Pan: Ø 24.0cm x W 18.0cm x H 4.5cm / 1.6L
Approx. Net Weight: 4.5kg
Material: Carbon Steel

Care Instructions

CARE: In order to maximise the life of your stockpot hand wash it thoroughly after each use. Only use wooden, silicone or plastic utensils to avoid damaging the nonstick coating. Do not use harsh or abrasive detergents. Dry immediately with a soft cloth.