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SQ Professional

SQ Professional Plastic Sealed Food Storage Container 3pc Set

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SQ Professional Plastic Sealed Food Storage Container Set, a versatile trio designed to keep your ingredients, leftovers and meal prep masterpieces fresher, longer. With its combination of durability, airtight sealing and stackable design, you'll transform your kitchen into an organised, efficient and waste-reducing space. Invest in the freshness and organisation of your food. 

DESIGN: Our storage containers feature a robust, airtight seal that locks in freshness and flavour, ensuring your food remains at its best. No more worrying about your ingredients going to waste. This 3-piece set includes a range of container sizes to suit your various needs. From large family-sized meals to individual portions, these containers have you covered. Save precious space in your pantry or fridge with these stackable containers. Keep your kitchen neat and organised with ease.

MATERIAL: Crafted from high-quality plastic, these containers are built to withstand the rigours of everyday use. They are resistant to stains and odours, ensuring your food stays pristine.

VERSATILE: These versatile containers are ideal for storing a wide variety of foods, including fruits, vegetables, grains, leftovers and more. They are perfect for meal prepping, taking lunch to work or storing holiday leftovers.


Round, Square, Oblong.

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Box 1 - Ø 25.5cm x H 9.0cm / 3.0L
Box 2 - Ø 22cm x H 8.0cm / 2.0L
Box 3 - Ø 19.0cm x H 7.0cm / 1.0L
Approx. Net Weight: 1.029kg
Material: Plastic
Product Code: 10775

Box 1 - W 24.0cm x D 24.0cm x H 9cm / 3.0L
Box 2 - W 20.0cm x D 20cm x H 8.0cm / 2.0L
Box 3 - W 16.0cm x D 16.0cm x H 7.0cm / 1.0L
Approx. Net Weight: 1.062kg
Material: Plastic

Box 1 - W 28.0cm x D 20.3.0cm x H 9cm / 3.0L
Box 2 - W 23.0cm x D 16.8cm x H 8.0cm / 2.0L
Box 3 - W 28.0cm x D 13.8cm x H 7.0cm / 1.0L
Approx. Net Weight: 1.104kg
Material: Plastic

Care Instructions

EASY-CARE MAINTENANCE: Cleanup is a breeze as these containers are dishwasher-safe, making your kitchen routine even more convenient.

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