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SQ Professional

SQ Professional Plastic Sealed 18 Egg Storage Container with Date Dial

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Introducing the SQ Professional Plastic Sealed 18 Egg Storage Container with Date Dial, the ultimate solution for keeping your eggs organized, fresh and ensuring you never miss their expiration date again.

DESIGN: This egg container is designed to hold up to 18 eggs, making it a perfect storage solution for households of all sizes. It keeps your eggs neatly organised and readily accessible. The container features a built-in date dial, allowing you to track the freshness of your eggs. Simply adjust the dial to the date of purchase or expiration, ensuring that you use your eggs before they go bad. The airtight seal of the container ensures that your eggs stay fresh by preventing odours from the refrigerator and air from affecting their quality. Your eggs will retain their flavour and texture for longer. The stackable design makes efficient use of space in your fridge. You can easily stack multiple containers to maximize your refrigerator's storage capacity.

MATERIAL: Crafted from durable, food-grade plastic, this container is both safe and long-lasting. The transparent design allows you to easily view the contents and check the egg count.


Date Dial.

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W 32.5cm x D 17.5cm x H 8.5cm / 18 Eggs
Approx. Net Weight: 0.635kg
Material: Plastic

Care Instructions

EASY TO CLEAN: Cleaning is a breeze as the container can be washed in the dishwasher, simplifying your kitchen cleanup.

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