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Nea Square

SQ Professional Nea Seramiq Square Stockpot Set 4pc/ Cuprum

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Stylish and elegant, the SQ Professional Nea Seramiq die-cast 4pc Square Stockpot Set will not only look stunning in your kitchen, but it will also help you create a variety of mouth-watering dishes that are sure to delight the whole family.

NON STICK: The interior of each Nea die-cast stock pot is finished with a copper effect ceramic non stick coating which offers exceptional performance during cooking. Healthy meals can be crafted using little or no oil or fat and the pots can easily be cleaned.

EFFICIENT: Each stockpot is fitted with a tempered glass lid enabling you to monitor the progress of your cooking. An integrated steam vent retains moisture, keeping ingredients succulent, tender, and full of delicious flavour.

ROBUST: These sturdy stockpots are manufactured from heavy-weight die-cast aluminium which distributes heat evenly, ensuring food is cooked to perfection time after time. Sturdy handles and knobs provide safety and comfort while in use.

DESIGN: Unique Vortex Base technology has been incorporated into the design of this non stick cookware set to capture and retain heat, offering superior performance to standard stock pots.


20cm, 24cm, 28cm, 32cm.

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W 28.0cm x D 20.0cm x H 9.7cm / 3.0L
W 32.5cm x D 24.0cm x H 10.9cm / 4.5L
W 38.0cm x D 28.0cm x H 12.0cm / 7.0L
W 41.5cm x D 32.0cm x H 13.3cm / 9.0L
Approx. Net Weight: 8.2kg
Material: Aluminium

Care Instructions

SUSTAINABLE CLEANING: Whilst the sets’ pots are dishwasher safe, hand washing is recommended.

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