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SQ Professional Mega Hot Pot Set 3pc

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Keep hot food warm and cold food chilled with the Durane Mega 3pc Hot Pot set. These insulated casserole food warmers are ideal for storing large quantities of food for parties, picnics, barbeques, and large gatherings. The food will stay warm up to six hours after preparation so there is no need to reheat. These hot pots will preserve the moisture and the nutrients allowing you to enjoy all the goodness and flavour of your meals.

DESIGN: These robust and practical insulated casserole carriers have a cylindrical design for space efficiency. With an outer finish in vibrant colours, and sturdy, integrated handles, they don't only look fabulous but are easy to carry from the kitchen to different dining settings.

SIZE AND CAPACITY: This set is available in 18L, 38L and 58L.

MATERIALS: Forged from high quality, 100% food-grade materials, this stainless steel insulated hot pot casserole set is manufactured from 100% food-grade stainless steel with a special PU insulated outer coating that retains heat for up to six hours. The superior material used in construction is both hygienic and odourless, preserving your food's quality and flavour.

USE: This stainless steel insulated casserole set is suitable for keeping food hot or cold. It is ideal for everyday use.


Red, Blue.

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Ø 33.0cm x W 35cm x H 29.5cm / 18.0L
Ø 40.5cm x W 43.5cm x H 39.0cm / 38.0L
Ø 49.0cm x W 52.5cm x H 47.0cm / 58.0L
Approx. Net Weight: 17.1kg
Material: Plastic, Stainless Steel

Care Instructions

CARE: Wipe the outside of the pots with a damp cloth. Wash the inside of the pot with warm soapy water. To remove dried-up food, pour some hot water into the pot and leave until it loosens, then wash, rinse well and dry thoroughly before storing. Do not use rough scourers, metal brushes, or harsh, abrasive detergents. Hand-wash only.