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SQ Professional Gems Legacy Kettle

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The Gems Legacy Kettle has a stainless-steel design that will make a statement on any kitchenware set. In addition to its premium design, this electric kettle features an impressive 1.8-litre jug capacity. Perfect for catering all events!

RAPID BOILING: The powerful 2200W heating element boils water rapidly and is concealed at the base of the electric kettle to prevent water damage. It is designed to be not only fast but efficient. The 1.8-litre kettle can boil enough water for 2 cups in less than 90 seconds. This hot water kettle is equipped for all your needs.

A KETTLE TO TRUST: Unlike most coffee kettles, Gems Legacy Kettle includes a first-rate, polished stainless-steel body with a wide gauged water level window attached to the side of the water kettle. Enabling you to boil the perfect amount every time! The touch handle provides a comfortable grip that will not heat up whilst boiling, allowing you to safely use your brand-new electric pot.

SAFETY: Designed with you in mind, the kettle is equipped with an automatic shut-off function indicated with a helpful LED light. Additionally, the 1.8-litre kettle has boil-dry protection and will automatically switch off the heating element when there is no water in your stainless steel kettle.

EASY USE: This electric tea kettle is truly engineered to last, fitted with an easily removable limescale filter for effortless cleaning. Plus, the water kettle's base allows a full 360° rotation, perfect for both left/right-hand users. Includes an option to also smartly wrap up the 76 cm cord for easy storage. Truly the best electric kettle to create the best kitchenware set.


Quartz, Sapphire, Axinite, Onyx, Amethyst, Ruby.

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Ø 22.5cm x W 24.5cm x H 29.5cm / 1.8L
Approx. Net Weight: 1.2kg
Power: 2200W
Material: Stainless Steel

Care Instructions

CARE: Fitted with a removable water filter that helps remove impurities and limescale, ensuring that you are always using the freshest, cleanest water.

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