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SQ Professional Gems Bread Bin with Canisters Set

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Everything has a place. This bread bin and tea coffee sugar set is ideal for keeping your kitchen neat while also adding style! Biscuits, bread, and brownies stay fresher and last longer. The best bread bin set has everything within easy reach!

KITCHEN COUNTER SET: The SQ Professional Gems Bread Bin and Canisters set is a great addition to any busy kitchen. These quality bread bin and tea coffee sugar sets are an essential countertop unit for any fun and contemporary set of kitchenware, with elegant design features and six colour variations available.

MADE TO LAST: The bread bin and canister combination comes with a convenient roll-top cover for easy access whenever you need it. When the Bread Bin's roll-top cover is closed, the air circulation system comes into play This tea coffee sugar bread set keeps the bread and other perishable products in perfect storage conditions.

STYLE: The Gems Bread Bin and matching canisters are clearly labelled in a stylish typeface. There are several colour variations available, all with a sleek satin finish. The three canisters included in the set feature tight-fitting lids made of brushed stainless steel to preserve freshness of contents.

VALUE FOR MONEY: The matching bread box and canisters set contains three canisters, each with its own label for storing goods such as tea, coffee, and sugar. SQ Professional Gems canister set with bread box is made of stainless steel and has a satin metallic appearance. A long-lasting and easy-to-clean material was used to make the ideal kitchen canister set with a bread bin!


Sapphire, Onyx, Quartz, Ruby, Amethyst, Axinite.

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Bread Bin: W 38.0cm x D 25.0cm x H 18.5cm / 14.0L
Canister x 3: Ø 10.0cm x H 12.0cm / 640ml
Approx. Net Weight: 1.9kg
Material: Stainless Steel

Care Instructions

CLEANING: Do not wash in dishwashers as harsh detergents may affect the appearance. Do not use harsh or metal scourers and brushes, or abrasive detergents to prevent damage to the metallic coating.

CARE: Always dry immediately after washing to avoid rusting and staining. Only store dry ingredients. Keep the bread bin in a dry and well-aired place.

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