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SQ Professional Galaxis Aluminium Casserole Set 3pc/ Rigel

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Add a touch of class and sophistication to your cookware sets with the SQ Professional Galaxis Aluminium Rigel 3pc casserole set. Practical as well as stylish, the casserole pan set comprises three lightweight lidded pans offering a pan for every occasion.

DESIGN: This aluminium cookware set is manufactured from durable lightweight aluminium, making it suitable for everyday use in any environment and easy to move from surface to surface. A polished, aluminium body provides supreme heat conductivity and distribution so food is cooked evenly and thoroughly and the results are outstanding time after time.

USE: This casserole set with lids is fitted with large riveted handles for extra strength and safety during use.

VARIETY: The 3-piece casserole set offers three pots with different sizes and capacities ranging from; 26cm (7.0L), 30cm (11.5L), and 36cm (20.5L), enabling you to choose the most practical pot for each occasion.

VERSATILITY: This set can also be used in the oven if further cooking or browning is required.


26cm, 30cm, 36cm.

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Ø 26.0cm x W 36.5cm x H 15.0cm / 7.0L
Ø 30.0cm x W 43.0cm x H 17.5.0cm / 11.5L
Ø 36.0cm x W 49.5cm x H 21.5.0cm / 20.5L
Approx. Net Weight: 6.0kg
Material: Aluminium

Care Instructions

CLEANING: Galaxis Aluminium Dutch Pot Sets are not dishwasher safe. They must be cleaned by hand only. 

CARE: Only use wooden, silicone or plastic utensils to avoid damaging the nonstick coating. Do not use harsh or abrasive detergents. Dry immediately with a soft cloth.