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SQ Professional Epoque Kettle and Toaster Set

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Stylishly elegant and packed with practical features, the retro SQ Professional Epoque Kettle is a must-have addition to any kitchen. To complete a vintage style in your kitchen we also have the matching Epoque two-slice toaster available. The SQ Professional Epoque Stainless Steel 2-Slot Toaster comes in delicate colour shades with rose gold buttons and a plunger to bring a sophisticated look to your kitchen. Catering for all tastes in toast, the variable browning control feature on this electric bread toaster will cook to perfection whether you prefer your toast golden brown or very well done.

DESIGN: This electric tea kettle and toaster set comes in delicate colour shades. A crackle-paint finish has been incorporated to highlight the vintage look, perfectly complimented by copper accents.

RANGE OF SETTINGS: This stainless steel water kettle is cordless and operates on a base that provides 360° rotation, ensuring that once boiled it can be easily removed for pouring. An LED indicator light is incorporated into the on/off button and illuminates when the kettle is in operation. An eye-catching temperature gauge has been incorporated into the design of this electric water kettle allowing you to see the exact temperature of the water, while the water level gauge allows you to monitor the volume of water in the kettle, preventing unnecessary waste. The kettle is fitted with a high-efficiency rapid 2200W boil element.
This 2 slot toaster will allow for simultaneous toasting of two slices while the wide slots will accommodate thick sliced bread. The high lift function allows the bread to be easily removed from the toaster. The handy Reheat and Cancel functions give you full control of your toasting, while the Defrost feature allows you to defrost and toast bread straight from the freezer. The 6-level browning controls deliver perfect toast for all the family, however, they may like it.


Pink, Green, Black, Red, Blue.

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Ø 21.0cm x W 23.5cm x H 25.5cm / 1.8L
Approx. Net Weight: 1.2kg
Power: 2200W
Material: Stainless Steel

W 28.5cm x D 18.0cm x H 18.5cm / 2 slots
Approx. Net Weight: 1.3kg
Power: 900W
Material: Stainless Steel

Care Instructions

TOASTER CLEANING: Only use a slightly damp cloth to clean the outside of the unit. Dry with a soft cloth to avoid scratches on the surface. Pull the crumb tray out, remove any bits of bread, wipe it with a moist cloth, dry and put the tray back in. The Crumb tray can be washed with warm water and mild detergent or in a dishwashing machine. Ensure that the crumb tray is completely dry before putting it back into the toaster.

KETTLE CLEANING: Descale - even in soft water areas. This appliance is fitted with a concealed heating element 6 and therefore must be descaled regularly. The frequency of descaling depends on usage and water hardness. Excessive scale causes overheating, reduces the life of the appliance, and may trigger the boil-dry cut-out feature. This may damage the concealed heating element 6 and invalidate the guarantee. Use an appropriate descaling product suitable for stainless steel, glass, or plastic, and follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully.