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SQ Professional

SQ Professional Cooler Box/ Blue

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SQ Professional Cooler Box is a perfect gift for camping enthusiasts and will keep your food and drinks fresh for hours. Pack your sandwiches and snacks and enjoy chilled drinks on a lengthy road trip, a day on the beach or at the barbeque with friends.

QUALITY: Made of hard plastic these cooler comes with insulated lids that close tightly, preventing any warm air from entering while closed.


6L, 14L.

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Cooler Box- W 27cm x D 21.0cm x H 19cm / 6.0L
Ice Pack - W 11.0cm x D 5.0cm x H 23.0cm / 0.5L
Approx. Net Weight: 1.033kg
Material: Plastic, Ultratherm Insulation

Cooler Box- W 35.5cm x D 27.0cm x H 24cm / 14.0L
Ice Pack x 2 - W 11.0cm x D 5.0cm x H 23.0cm / 0.5L
Approx. Net Weight: 1.709kg
Material: Plastic, Ultratherm Insulation

Care Instructions

CARE: Before using cooler boxes, ensure no unpleasant smell, mildew or mould buildup. Check that there is no damage or cracks and that the inside is clean and dry.

Place some ice on the bottom, insert the ice pack dividers where required and fill with food and drinks. Cover with more ice. Perishable foods should be placed on ice or packed in food-safe plastic containers.

Close the cooler box or bottle and keep it in shade and away from sunlight. To keep the cool temperature longer, you may wrap the cooler box with a wet, light-coloured towel or bury it in the ground up to the edge of the box.

After each use empty any remaining contents and water from the melted ice. Clean with warm water and mild detergent inside and outside and dry with a lint-free cloth. Leave to air dry completely with the lid open.

Store in a dark place to prevent fading of the colours and prolong the life of the ultratherm foam.

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