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Durane Plastic Fresh Food Container Set 4pc

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Looking for a food storage solution? The versatile Durane Plastic Fresh Food Container 4pc Set can be used to store cereal, coffee, flour, pasta, rice and a wide range of other food, while airtight silicone sealed lids ensure that freshness and flavour is retained.

SIZES: These plastic food storage containers with lids come in a variety of sizes to cater for a range of storage needs.

STORAGE: Keep your kitchen tidy and organised with stackable plastic kitchen storage containers. These food containers can also be nested inside each other for space-saving, helping you maintain a tidy, organised kitchen.

DESIGN: This blue, purple and pink plastic food storage set is decorated with an attractive printed floral design.


Blue, Purple, Pink.

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W 13.5cm x D 10.0cm x H 5.0cm / 0.3L
W 17.0cm x D 12.5cm x H 6.0cm / 0.7L
W 19.5cm x D 14.5cm x H 7.5cm / 1.2L
W 23.0cm x D 17.0cm x H 8.5cm / 2.3L
Approx. Net Weight: 0.4kg
Material: Plastic

Care Instructions

CARE: Wash with warm water and mild detergent. Avoid using harsh scourers and abrasive detergents to prevent damage to the surface. Dishwasher safe.